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Beaufort Litigation is a boutique law firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We specialize in shipping, trade, insurance and commercial legal matters and act for clients from across the globe.

The ARA-region forms the gateway to Northern-Europe. Rotterdam is at the very heart of it. In true Rotterdam style, Beaufort Litigation handles what we call ‘harbour and trade’ related matters. In effect these matters boil down to advisory, contractual and (pre-)litigation in the field of short-sea and brown water shipping and road transport.

We are known as trustworthy and knowledgeable attorneys-at-law and as skilled litigators, which facilitates the representation of your interests.

The shipping and transport legal community in the Netherlands is small. We operate at its core and are proud to be amongst the few law firms that also actively represent the brown water market.

We are legal enthusiasts, who are ‘in’ to represent your interests. We believe in the power and high quality of Dutch Courts and Arbitration Tribunals, but we equally believe in the power of building a good case by making the best of your legal ‘toolbox’: diverse and extensive legal knowledge, experience, wit and setting realistic goals.

Our team focusses on acting for international clients. We are well-versed in the German and English languages and have understanding of the French language.

David van Bemmel
David thoroughly enjoys the international elements of the business he’s in. His firm belief is to understand his client’s business. Clients say he is a perfectionist, a quick and original thinker and an empathetic and pleasant person to work with.

David is known for his knowledge of civil procedure. His principal legal practice areas registered with the Dutch Bar association are Civil Procedural Law and Transport & Trade Law. These registrations oblige David to meet a minimum of ten educational hours per specialization per year.

David’s main focus is on acting for Owners and operators and their H&M, P&I and FDD insurers. He is often instructed in matters concerning technical and hidden vices. A large part of his practice consists of instructions given by foreign lawyers and foreign companies in the specialized manufacturing industry.

David is a network partner and legal consultant for legal and claims consultants C Solutions Limited. He is registered as an arbitrator with the Schiedsgericht of the Schifferbörse zu Duisburg-Ruhrort e.V.

David is an attorney-at-law registered with the Rotterdam bar.

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